Common Problem in Watch Winder After Long-term Use

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Watch winder is a popular accessory for many watch enthusiasts. While it might be useful to maintain your watch, some problems might occur in the watch winder itself after years of use, even on the best watch winder. So, what are those problems? How do we identify the problems? Check out the following list to understand what problems your watch winder might have.

Winder Turns Much Slower

The first common problem that will occur in a watch winder after long term use is slower turn speed on the slot. Different watch winder have different slots and turning speed. After a long-term use, some winder might lose its motor capability which results in slower turning speed. To identify them, put your watch in your automatic watch winder. If it’s ineffectively wound your watch, then it is the time to repair your winder motor.

Motor Make Louder Noise 

Some higher end watch winder brands, including some of the best watch winder brands out there, usually use a relatively silent motor. When you buy a brand new watch winder, motor noises are barely heard. After years of use, your watch winder might produce much louder noise compared to its brand-new condition. This is a common problem and can be easily detected. This problem might occur due to worn out motors.

Watch Winder Won’t Charge Properly

This problem commonly occurred in battery powered watch winder case. This kind of watch winder model usually puts forward its portability and practicality features. However, after a long-term use, some battery powered winder might lose their capability of charging their battery properly. This problem might occur due to parasitic drain on the battery or bad alternator. Like the previous problem, it can be easily identified.

Winder Stop Turning Completely

Other than turning slowly, a watch winder slot cushion might stop completely. There are two main symptoms regarding this problem. First your winder slot is not moving and the motor is silent. Second, your motor still produces heat, but your winder stops completely. This problem might occur due to mechanical problems in your watch winder box such as loose gears or worn out motor.

To sum up, there are several problems that might occur after long-term use of watch winder. This can happen to every brand of winder, even the best watch winder brand. Different problems caused by different mechanical problems inside your winder. If you find one of those winder, bring it to an experienced mechanic for a repair.

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