Tips to Properly Take Care of Your Automatic Watch

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An automatic watch winder is available in a wide variety of models, colours, and materials. This tool allows your timepiece to self-lubricate, keeping it ticking and running. Therefore, using a watch winder is believed as one of the most effective ways to properly take care of your precious auto mechanical watch. There are still other tips that you can do to keep the quality and performance of your timepiece. Here they are.

Use a Watch Winder

For auto mechanical watch collectors, it is quite hard to wear all of their automatic watches every day to keep it running. Especially if they have a few watches. A watch winder comes with a solution to handle this situation. This tool will gently rotate your timepiece, keeping it running. It mimics the motion of your wrist. If you really want to use an automatic watch winder, make sure you use the best, high-quality one. Do not use a poor-quality watch winder because it will likely damage your watch.

You are suggested to use the one with bi-directional rotation. Watch winders with only one direction rotation will cause your auto watch to wear and tear over time. Moreover, make sure the watch winder has sufficient TPD or Turns Per Days to be able to properly wind your watch.

Keep Up with Regular Service Intervals

Automatic mechanical watches will surely need regular services, especially if you frequently wear it for years. You need to check the compartments, especially the mainspring, to make sure they all still function well. The motor of the auto watch will likely wear and tear with time. So, make sure you keep up with regular service intervals. You should also make sure that you bring your valuable timepiece to official, professional service centres. You can also find a high-quality automatic watch winder there.

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