The pros and cons of having a double automatic watch winder

double automatic watch winder

The double automatic  watch winder will keep your watch in the same rotation manner as you wear it in the wrist. This device is a tool to keep your watch full wound and always ready to war when you need it. The double automatic watch winder provides you the convenience to not hand wind and reset the automatic watch every day after it is not in use. The watch winder is also benefited to solve the oil pooling problem.

Is it worthy to buy a double automatic watch winder? You might worry about the cost of the watch winder is quite expensive. But the price is equal as it keeps your watch perform well.  The watch winder is able to program to meet with the winding requirement of your watch manufacturer.

The automatic watches work by winding itself use weight

The pros:

  •    It will ensure the automatic watches still accurate whether you are wearing it or not.
  •    Eliminates the inconvenience of having hand wind when your automatic watches not in worn
  •    It has capabilities to handle multiple watches at the same time
  •    This can increase the services of watches life by eliminating the lubricant pooling.

The automatic watches are usually attractive, valuable and quite pricey. Therefore, automatic watches need more maintenance and care more than other watches due to the complexity of the mechanical parts used inside of them.

The cons:

  •    There are some the watch winder that pricey
  •    The design and sizes sometimes take more space when compared with conventional watchcase.
  •    There are some watch winders that may exert the stress on watch bracelets.

The automatic watches are proposed to worn by people. The watch winder usually limited to a number of directions and movement types especially as little as a single motion. Therefore, it is best to buy good quality watch winder. A poor watch winder design might damage the watch mechanism from the repetitive movement and excessive direction.

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